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Meeting peoples

On my first day I visted a wedding

Hard to believe, it is already 22:00,
complete darkness is only at 00:30

In the Police-Sportsclub Dynamo I have to prove my shooting skills.


Nikolai and Tanja, she gave birth to little Nikita and is still in hospital .

We visited family Kortchuganov living at the edge of a village.
In the winter time they go skiing just on the other side of the road or go bear and wolf hunting.


In the lobby the winners of the previous years are shown, among them the two gentlemen from the photo left

In the hall they are training wrestling.


At the river Tom

Direct at the Tom about 50 km north of Kemerovo we visited an open air museum.

Aborigine engraved these sketches into the rocks long time ago.

Along the side of the roads stretches no-mans land that belongs neither individuals nor the state. Everyone may just build his house here.

All sorts of herbs grow here that are now blossoming. We are picking the little Semljanikas (woodstrawberries). The big strawberries grow in the gardens of the Datchas. Apples don't grow here, since the trees won't survive the harsh winter.

Jenja is cooking fir cones, which he picked from a high tree. For this he simply climbed into the top of the tree. The seeds taste deliciously. (like nuts)

Trip to a lake Ingol in Krasjnojarskij Kraij (about 300 km to the east)

We are looking for a place at the see. A few areas are private, so we drive into the terrain to look around.

The see is fed from a source 60m deep. There are no rivers. The water is absolutely clean, with a rubber boat we went fetching our drinking water from the center of the see.

Playground and few cottages on a private site at the see.

The see from above.

We found a good spot, others also found it.

It's getting a bit fresh when the sky is clear.
On the right our site neighbour, a pilot from Krasnoair.


The last evening


A good & filling dinner with friends .

What a pitty, the time went by so fast !

Radio and TV

LW and MW
171 R. Rossii / R.Tomsk (Off air at 01:00)
217 R. Rosssi / Krasnojarsk
240 Yunost ( on some days off air)
279 R. Rossi / did not catch the GTRK
594 Majak

MW evenings
576 Majak
675 R. Resonanz, Moscow (using local TX)
1116 Jammer (don't know what it jammed)
1143 VOA and a few Chinese Tx.
Otherwise MW was complete empty at night. Also 49m was pretty empty. However at 08:00 I could listen to some German stations on 49m as the path still was in darkness.

66,14 empty
66,56 Radio Rossii / Radio Kuzbass (Off at 01:00)
68,12 Mayak
69,45 Yunost / Kuzbass FM
70,73 Eho Moskvy


101,8 Dinamit FM
102,3 Kuzbass FM
102,8 Evropa Plus
103,3 Radio Shanson
104,3 Radio Flora, Kemerovo
104,8 Russkoye Radio
105,3 AvtoRadio
R. Rossi on OIRT and 171kHz (R. Tomsk) go off air at 01:00 Apparently they must even save money on the OIRT Tx


9 NTSC / TNT and RTR / TVK
11 TV Most / RenTV
22 MTV
28 MuzTV
30 STS
34 NTV
50 TVS

Some TV channels (ORT, RTR etc) insert local ads at the bottom of the screen into the programming (mostly movies). These shows phone numbers (often without city code) but also the city name. Thus a good way to to ID that Tx. Nikolai told me that the European part of Russia do this also. However during Es I have not seen it yet.
As a German I was a bit bewildered that all runs on Moscow time (4 hour minus), radio time checks, clock on TV, even the whole railway system uses Moscow time, the time table in the railway station shows only Moscow time. Sometimes the weather forecast on radio or TV covers the European part but did not continue to our part of the country, as if that would not exist.

At the airport in Novosibirsk I made a quick band scan (16:00 local) (only FM, not OIRT)

96,2 Radio Start
98,7 AvtoRadio
100,7 Radio Yuniton
101,4 Radio Rossii / Radio Novosibirsk
102,6 Radio Mir / Radio Shanson (at 16:00 heard MIR)
103,2 Evropa Plus
103,9 Nashe Radio / Sibirskoye Radio (at 16:00 heard Nashe Radio)
104,6 Klassik - Radio Novosibirsk
105,2 Russkoye Radio
105,7 Radio Melody
106,2 Radio OTS
106,7 Radio Sibiri
107,7 Eho Moskvy

12. Oct 2002   Jürgen Bartels