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DX-ing in Novosibirsk     » Kemerovo

The first few days we camped at a large lake near Novosibirsk, the noon of 17.July started promising, carriers appeared on R1 0m, 8m, 8p and I heard Chinese audio on R1. Unfortunately I had no TV to see what was there. Also a carrier on E2 0m appeared but without audio, the reception of E2 puzzled me, I must have been out of reach of any E2 channels. Unfortunately I did not notice anything on FM. Early in the morning of 18.July I checked what was normally available without Es, and found weak carriers on R1 5m, 3m, 0m and no trace on E2. Later on Es started with R1 8m, 0m, 8p(strong) audio was Russian and another unknown language perhaps Mongolian or Kasachstanian, my Russian friends didn't know, either. A carrier appeared on E2 8m.
Later that day we drove to Kemerovo and I hoped for more Es in the coming days, but all I got was very weak carriers, nothing else. I also tried to 714 & 754Mhz of the Ekran satellites, but got no trace of it, the bandwidth of my scanner is too small. Also, in that range are a lot of other local signals, mobile phone and presumely TV feeds, as I got TV sound on unusual carriers. I was also surprised to find analog mobile phone communications in the 720 MHz range. It turned out to be the old NMT-450 standard still in use.

Driving from Kemerovo to Novosibirsk
100km west of Kemerovo I noticed weak R1 carriers on 6p and 8p, 100km east of Novosibirsk no R1 and no OIRT-FM. 40 km east we made a quick stop, I found a very strong R1 0p but to my surprise it was gone after driving only 4 km further. I was totally puzzled, apparently it was tiny lower power Tx. Approaching Novosibirsk FM-stations (Radio Start 96.2 2kW ) appeared before any OIRT-FM stations. I expected OIRT-FM to have a deeper reach, but apparently this is not the case, even when using 4kW. Maybe they sit on a tower further away from us then the FM-stations.
GSM phone is often usable along this route, mobile phone companies have put up numerous sites.

The FM-dial in Novosibirsk
Most stations had no RDS, Russkoe Radio was easy to decode, R.Yunitron showed "FM 100.7", not really inventive. Avtoradio overmodulated and made it impossible to decode RDS.

67,85 Radio Rossii / Novosibirsk 4kW
68,48 Radio Sibiri
69,26 Radio Mayak / Klassik - Radio Novosibirsk 4kW
70,88 Radio Yuniton
72,44 Evropa Plus
73,16 unused (was Studia Ann)
73,58 Radio Novosibirsk
  96,2 Radio Start 2kW
  98,7 AvtoRadio   RDS, but not decodable
100,7 Radio Yuniton RDS: FM 100,7
101,4 Radio Rossii / Radio Novosibirsk (0-12 UTC)
102,6 Radio Mir / Radio Shanson
103,2 Evropa+ Novosibirsk, with local programming
103,9 Sibirskoye Radio / Like FM (Nashe Radio)
104,6 Klassik - Radio Novosibirsk
105,2 Russkoye Radio RDS: PYCCKOE
105,7 Radio Melody
106,2 Radio OTS
106,7 Radio Sibiri
107,7 Dinamit

near airport: Volmet 127,405 Russian / English

DX-ing in Kemerovo

On low activity days I found weak carriers at R1 3p. At other times I noticed: R1 0m, 8p and E2 8m, 5m, 6p. Always weak carriers, never got strong for audio. Again the puzzle: Where is this E2 coming from?

The FM-dial in Kemerovo
Only Evropa Plus transmits RDS, the dynamic PS shows station name, weather, and exchange rates during local programming which runs late into the night, but not on weekends. During relay of the Moscow program, only the old weather info remained.
On Monday morning 21st July at 9:05 three FM stations suddenly went off air and only came back after 12:00. It was Profilaktika (Maintenace) time, something German stations would never dare to do at this time of day.

Pervij Kanal (ex-ORT) and RTR no longer insert commercials at the bottom of the screen during programming. (Other channels still do it) Instead they insert local ads at the end of a commercial break when the Moscow-feed carries program information. Often local ads are too long and only stop when network programming already has resumed.

During the day only a few Radio Rossii / GTRK were on LW, Krasnojarsk and Barnaul were very weak, apparently running on reduced power. On MW only Mayak was audible, on one day I noticed a strong constant carrier on 995 kHz that every 10 seconds transmitted an ID in morse code. This seems to be the beacon for Kemerovo airport.

At night in our building was a high level of interference from TV sets etc. It calmed down after about 23:30. Next to a few Russian speaking stations I found a few Chinese ones. Most of them were quite weak. Otherwise MW is rather empty in Kemerovo.


66,56 Radio Rossii / Radio Kuzzbass (Off at 01:00)
68,12 Mayak
69,45 Yunost / Kuzzbass FM
70,73 Ekho Moskvy
101,8 Dinamit FM
102,3 Kuzbass FM
102,8 Evropa Plus: Europa / Plus / Kemerovo /
103,3 Radio Shanson
104,3 Milz. Volna (was Radio Flora)
104,8 Russkoye Radio (4kW)
105,3 AvtoRadio
107,9 R. Tango

3 NTSC/7TV (83.75) 100W
5 ORT (99.75)
11 TV Most / RenTV / TVC
22 TV3
28 MuzTV
30 STS
34 NTV
50 RTR Sport

171 R. Rossii / R.Tomsk
217 R. Rossii / Krasnoyarsk (weak)
270 R. Slovo Novosibirsk Deputatskaja Kanal
        (evenings til 0:00)
279 R. Rossi / Barnaul (weak)
594 Mayak
995 Navigational Tx

MW at night 23:30
558 UNID
576 Mayak
675 RUS (religious)
702 ?
738 CHN, strong
855 ?
963 CHN
981 CHN // 963
999 CHN strong, //702 // 738
1044 CHN + UNID
1107 CHN // 963 // 1044
1233 ?
1287 RUS strong
1359 CHN
1413 ?
1521 CHN, R.China in Russian

The Radio House of the Kuzbass GTRK radio service, a few nice looking logo signs decorated the wall. There I discovered that TV station STS is also part of the GTRK. The "Tele-Center" (Kuzbass GRTK TV station) is located on top of a hill, next to the TV-Tower. It was a unattractive run down site, looked like an old factory building. No modern signs like logos etc. that indicated that there is a TV station. Only one official plate was mounted on the wall.

VBI (vertical blank interval)

Pervij Kanal (ORT)



14. Aug 2003   Jürgen Bartels